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Use the 'Teachings of Swami Dayananda' app on Windows or Mac

Win & Mac

The advantage of installing Android on your desktop pc is obvious as one enjoys more comfort e.g. reading eBooks on a bigger screen.

To run the ‘Teachings of Swami Dayananda’ app on Windows or Mac OS, you need to install an Android emulating/simulating software first.

There are quite a few such Android emulators available online, but not all of them are easy to install and use. Some of them require a user to be more tech savvy as Android emulators often require 3rd party virtualization (e.g. Virtual Box) and proper configuration.


Two Android emulators which we found are quite easy to install and use:

No.1 - BlueStacks Android Emulator For Windows/Mac

Bluestacks Logo
The BlueStacks Android Emulator is said to be one of the best Android emulators for both Android and iOS apps on Windows and Mac OS. We tested Bluestacks with the 'Teachings of Swami Dayananda' app and found it to be most simple to set up and use.

Bluestacks is promoted as a free software, but you have to agree to install promotional apps from time to time in order to continue to use Bluestacks. You need not use these promotional apps after they got installed, but you do have to agree to their installation unless you are ready to pay for it.

Alternatively, Bluestacks offers a premium version for 2 US$/month. If a user chooses the premium version then he/she no longer will be required to install promotional apps.

Difference between Free and Premium version

Download from Bluestacks.com


No.2 - Andy Android emulator for Windows/Mac

Bluestacks Logo

Andy is an Android emulator which allows you to do all that you can do with an Android phone on your Windows PC or Mac.

Unlike BlueStacks, which merely runs Android apps, this free utility gives you a fully operable Android experience on a Windows or Mac system.

Andy doesn't ask you to install promotional apps. It comes with plenty of features which exceed the requirements of running the new eBook app with Pujya Swamiji's writings, audio and video by far. It requires VirtualBox which is bundled with the installer and configures itself during installation.

Get Andy from Andyroid.net


Summary: Bluestacks vs. Andy


To make the right choice with regard to the many available Android emulators one has to understand one's needs. If it is just for playing some games or use the new eBook app, then Bluestacks is probably the best bet. It can't get any more easy than that.

In our tests we found Bluestacks to be the most simple Android emulator to install and use. It perfectly served the main purpose for which we tested it - to run the new app 'Teachings of Swami Dayananda' on Windows or Mac. So if you just want an Android platform which is easy to set up and which can run your favorite Android apps (e.g. WhatsApp), Bluestacks is the best choice for you.

If one is willing to go through a slightly more complicated set up process, then Andy is the more full-featured Android emulator with many more options. Andy gives a fully operable Android experience on a Windows or Mac system. The size of the installation of Andy naturally exceeds that of Bluestacks by far. And as Andy comes bundled with VirtualBox we would recommend Andy only to more experienced pc users.


See comparison chart

Om Tat Sat

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