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Freedom from Helplessness
Others - Without a Second

Without a Second
ISBN : 978-93-80049-83-0
Author : Sheela Balaji
Pages : 286 Pages
Dimensions : 145mm X 188mm
Cover   Hardbound with jacket
Language : English
Price : Rs. 300
  • "This book will be found very revealing – rewarding… the author has identified
    herself with a seeker and raised all those questions which remain unanswered
    generally and answered them in detail with clarity in elegant free prose. It is a
    book that will clear the fog of doubt and vagueness – it is a book of blessing,
    page after page."
    spaceSwami Dayananda Saraswati

    Sheela Balaji graduated with a master’s degree in history of art. She became
    a pioneer in the field of natural dyes in the textile industry and spent 20 years
    perfecting the craft.

    A chance meeting with Swami Dayananda Saraswati opened her mind to the
    wonder that is Vedanta. Few years in the study of Vedanta she realized that
    it was the beginning of a long journey in the quest for Truth. This book was
    written to help introduce Vedanta to those who might be interested in making
    such a beginning. She is the Managing Trustee of Swami Dayananda Education
    Trust (SDET), AIM (All India Movement) for Seva and Arsha Vidya Research and Publication Trust (AVRPT).

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